Would You Like to Have a Go?

What a loaded question! With that type of a headline I could be asking you to fight… or asking you take you turn at something.

In this case, I’m not looking for a fight, I want you to think about trying Cottonelle’s new bum wipes.

Yup, that’s right. Bum wipes.

We all wipe, after all (But if you’re a mom, you might dispute that comment. We all have our horror stories!)

I think these wipes could possibly save some marriages. I once wrote a blog post about how toilet paper was ruining my marriage. True story. You know what I mean… the constant fight over replacing the roll.

Now, I have no problem replacing the roll, if I didn’t have to do it EVERY SECOND TIME THAT I PEE. My husband needs to stop buying crappy (excuse the pun) toilet paper.

You know the kind. One ply, runs out after two revolutions… Replacing the roll shouldn’t become a full-time job, running between our three bathrooms to see which is low or which is long since used.

That’s why I think Cottonelle’s new bum wipes are perfect.

Check out this video that takes a light-hearted approach to telling people how to use the new wipes.

AND this Cottonelle Care Routine will help you save toilet paper, feel better AND could save your marriage.

lets talk bums


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