wrap it up

I LOVE wrapping Christmas gifts. Love it.

For me, the presentation of the gift is just as important as the gift itself. Maybe because I take special care in it, or maybe it’s because I try to put lots of thought into it. Maybe it’s simply because I love wrapping!
This year’s color scheme is red and green, but it’s not traditional as you might think…it’s more fresh and modern and fun.

I found this great red paper with polka-dots, and a fresh shade of green ribbon. As I was looking through my stash of other papers, I realized that I already had a solid green paper that was a perfect match to the ribbon. So I added that tone-on-tone look into the mix.

I like to add a little something different or unexpected to my holiday gift wrapping…this year it was wooden ‘noel’s (that I think were meant to be painted and used as tree ornaments). I actually picked these up after Christmas last year at the Dollar store and had them safely tucked away. Yup…5 per $1 bag! What a find.

For my homemade gifts, I used plain, clear cellophane bags, the same green ribbon and pine cones I picked up last month along my favorite walk in the woods. They still smell divine!

For gift tags, I’m using the left-over papers from last week’s blog project. Simply cut to size, punch a hole in the corner to tie to the gift, and write your message on the back.

I’ll have to tell you about my homemade gift ideas later…many of my friends and family are avid readers of just a little rouge and I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Until then, I’m imagining lots of these presents tucked under my tree, waiting for the recipients to enjoy. I’ll enjoy wrapping everything, I’ll enjoy seeing them under my tree, but mostly, I’ll enjoy giving a little something to the wonderful people in my life.

For other gift wrapping ideas, check out this style at home story: www.styleathome.com/how-to/simple-projects/5-fun-and-easy-christmas-gift-wrapping-ideas/a/38152

Happy wrapping.


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