X-1 Momentum Ultra Light Headphones

X-1 Momentum Ultra Light Headphones

X-1 Momentum Ultra Light Headphones

Going to the gym without music and headphones is like going to the beach wearing jeans, you just don’t do it! Nothing gets you pumped up more for a workout than some great music in great sounding headphones.I was very pleased to be introduced to X-1 Momentum Ultra Light Headphones for women.

I am in love with these headphones for many reasons as you can see below.

Why I love them:

Weatherproof – All of the year round runners in Canada would like to thank X-1 for this!

Sweatproof  – Thank the lord!

Rinsable – They may not be able to be thrown in the wash but the fact you can rinse them off after a hard, sweaty workout is perfect.Instead of having a rubberized cable like most headphones, it’s cable looks like a thin braided cord.

Light weight – This is what I always look for in a headphone.

Comfortable – They come with 5 ear tip sizes that will help keep the headphones in place no matter what type of exercise you are doing.

1 year warranty – These headphones are engineered to last but have a 100% no questions asked 1 year warranty. Bravo X-1.

Reflective cable – I thought this was a fantastic idea!

Remote and mic – This eliminates the need to go searching for your music device if you want to play another song.

Clip – This comes in handy at the gym. You are able to use the clip to keep the cable out of your way.

Different color options – I choose teal but they also come in white, purple, pink and cyan.

Normally I like to write pros and cons about a product. I can say with all honesty I am not able to come up with any cons. These are fantastic headphones that I now use religiously. X-1 offers many different options of headphones for make sure to check out there site here.

Check out the Mother & Fitness Facebook page for your chance to win a pair of X-1 Momentum Ultra Light Headphones for Women. The winner will be announced on Friday October 4th.


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