‘Yes Please’

As a fan of SNL and funny ladies in general I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Amy Poehler’s book.
While reading this book in bed I literally kept laughing out loud, and I couldn’t stop. The more I read the more I laughed. 

Full of Insightful Life Lessons

I’m not sure if it’s because Amy Poehler has played so many different characters or because she sucks at sleeping, but you’d think she has lived a million lives. She’s certainly got her head screwed on so right that she’s a fountain of advice and wisdom. I really enjoyed reading her encouraging words. 

Makes No Apologies Except for When She Makes an Apology

Amy makes no apologies for the drugs she’s done, or felt she needed during child birth (I too agree, we need to employ a “good for her, but not for me” mentality). Poehler also opens the doors wide open about her sex life and the people she’s slept with – she’s all about no regrets and I love it (except for that non-apologizing- apologizing part).  

Reminds Us Its Okay To Ask For Help 

Cue Amy Poehler’s wife/nanny. I love that Amy openly admits and embraces her nanny’s role in helping to raise her children. A lot of times nannies are a parents’ best kept secret, but Amy (yeah we’re on a first name basis now) fully acknowledges her and credits her in a way that’s very refreshing. 

Scrapbook Feel 

With childhood photos to poems she wrote about death at 13 there’s so much more to this book than words on a page (although they are pretty funny words). 

Living Proof of What Happens When You Are In Your Element

Poehler found the right career path, there’s no question. She’s amazing at what she does, and you can tell she really enjoys it. I love this because it reminds us to keep pushing, and to go after our dreams (no matter how big or wild they may seem).

On a scale of to read or not to read… I would say read!  

Yes Please highlighted my favorite parts about Amy Poehler and I enjoyed learning a little bit more about her and her life. Yes Please also showed me some of her “faults” which she bravely owned up to, and I respect that. Amy seems like a truly genuine, down to earth person and I love her even more after completing this book. 

Although this book has been getting mixed reviews, I’m here to tell you it is quite literally laugh out loud funny, and wonderfully insightful! Amy Poehler is hilarious (obviously), but she’s also wildly honest and real, and that’s always something I admire in a person!

Yes Please is available online, but you can get your hands on it today by picking it up at Indigo Spiritat Sunnyside Mall! Also note that I removed the jacket cover (I always do this, and it greatly annoys people). The actual cover looks like this; http://amysaysyesplease.com/

Hope you found this review helpful. What books are you reading? I need a new one to dive into!

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