You never know…

Yes, you never know where your day will take you!
Last week during a break between visitations at the funeral home, I decided to take a little walk around the neighborhood and this is where I found myself!
As I was strolling along a quiet street, I noticed a wonderful doll house sitting in the windowed porch of a house. I went over for a closer look, delighting in all the detail. A woman was walking by and as she came closer, I remarked to her on how marvelous it was. “Would you like to have a closer look?” she asked.

How wonderful! It was the owner, Heather Mowry. Can you guess what I replied?

I was totally enchanted. This is the stuff my little girl dreams were made of. I am so grateful for her generosity and willingness to share these treasures with me.

Everything tiny, tiny and perfect

A miniature world to play with. Heather told me about a camp that occurs each summer here in Nova Scotia called Camp Minihaha where miniature fans can go to learn how to craft the things that fill these houses. It is a growing hobby that I don’t know very much about.

Even the nursery was lovely. My pictures are a bit out of focus but it was quite dark and I did not want to take too much of her time.

Look at the black stockings on the bed! Ha!

We ventured inside her “real” house and she showed me a wee British pub she has been working on. So quaint and cozy.

Love this old couple!!! Heather is a member of Miniature Crafters Of Nova Scotia

Then she took me upstairs where another gorgeous house awaited!
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There is so much to look at. I was enthralled. Even a basket of kittens on the kitchen floor!
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Upstairs, an elegant bedroom
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And even Queen Victoria!
3 3
Wow. What a nice surprise to happen across her po rch at just the right time. Made my afternoon!

Tomorrow mmy mom and I are headed to Saint Andrews, New Brunswick! I am delivering some paintings for a group Folk Art Show at the Kingsbrae Gardens Gallery. We are going to stay here and I am very excited. It will be a LOVELY break. There will be pictures…..


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