Your bike or scooter stolen? HRP recovers over 40 in downtown Halifax

HRP release:

Halifax Regional Police recovered a number of bicycles and scooters this weekend that are believed to have been stolen throughout the region.

On June 22 officers located approximately 40 bicycles and scooters along with numerous parts in the area of the 2400 block of Barrington Street in Halifax. The bicycles, scooters and parts have been seized and investigators are attempting to locate the owners.

If your bike was recently lost or stolen, and you would like to see if it’s been recovered by police, HRP’s Lost & Found Property can be reached at 902-490-5232.

It is good practice to keep your bike locked up, in a well-lit and well-travelled area. Take a photo of your bike and record its serial number as this will assist in identifying it if it becomes lost or stolen. Cyclists can also register for the free 529 Garage program, which can help reunite owners with recovered bicycles. 

HRP encourages people to report their bikes stolen to police as soon as possible with as much information as possible, including the serial number, make, model, speed, colour, and any distinguishing markings.  File a police report online or by calling 902-490-5016.

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