Your Pup Isn’t Eating Properly – Things You Need to Know

Dogs are adorable companions and are loved for their dashing enthusiasm, running to catch a ball, jumping into the pool, or making you run in the backyard. All such activities need loads of energy that your furry friend gets when fed many times a day. However, if your adorable dog isn’t eating properly or enough, it’s time to worry. Yes, you need to know what’s troubling your pup and train him accordingly. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, training a dog perfectly is not something that will happen overnight. In this article, we will enumerate a couple of things to learn when your Fido isn’t eating enough. 

The number of meals in a day for your dog

Just like toddlers, your puppy has a little tummy and requires multiple small meals in a day. When it grows up, you can feed your dog wholesome amounts, but less often. The standard dog feeding rules are: 

  • Three meals a day for smaller breeds for four months and six months for big dogs
  • Two meals per day for smaller breeds for 4-10 months and 6-12 months for larger breeds

Amount of food your pup needs

The intake of food depends on your pup’s breed and size. To begin with, you need to look at the feeding instructions on the dog food packets. 

For example, if your puppy is just three months old, it will require one cup of dog food per day. Therefore, you’ll need to feed your dog one-fourth cup of food at least four times a day. The vet is the best person to tell you if your pup’s food should be adjusted depending on its weight and growth rate. If want to learn about dog feeding, read up on a training program for puppy online. You will find various resources when it comes to feeding your dog properly. 

Your dog isn’t eating enough – Reasons

Your dog may not eat enough for many reasons including: 

Distraction: When there is a party at home or guests around, your dog will feel like playing and not show much interest in eating enough. Once the party is over and things are settled, your up will like to eat. 

Tiredness: Sometimes, after exercise or play, your Fido may sleep like a bundle of lovability. Your furry friend will need some sleep before it is ready to eat again. Make sure your pup takes his meal the next time. In such a case, missing one meal is fine. 

Vaccinations: Just like human beings, your dog may feel fatigued after getting a vaccination. Less appetite and tiredness are normal after a shot. Then, this shouldn’t last for a long time. Once your dog is hungry, he will eat normally. If not, you will need to take your four-legged friend to a vet. 


When your dog is playful and healthy, the best you can do is let him chow down when he is willing to do so. Give him his favorite toy to make mealtimes fun. 

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