You’re on thin ice; residents urged to exercise caution near lakes across the region

The Halifax Regional Municipality and Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency are urging residents to exercise caution near lakes as there is thin ice and open water in many lakes across the region.

Each winter, the municipality regularly tests ice thickness at more than 80 lakes in the Halifax region, primarily in the urban core. Ice thickness reports for lakes tested by the municipality will be available to the public at or by calling 902-490-3577. Please note reports will be updated weekly and are expected to begin in early January, weather depending.

Residents are urged to always assess each situation and its conditions before taking a step onto the ice of any lake or body of water.

The Canadian Red Cross recommends that ice be at least 15 centimetres thick for individual skating, and at least 20 centimetres thick for group skating. Extreme caution is advised in areas where streams flow into and out of the lakes. Ice conditions may vary over the entire surface of the lakes and are subject to change with weather conditions.

For more information on ice factors and safety, visit


Source : Media Release

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