Youth facing impaired driving charges af­ter close call

Little Dover, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia . .

During a road race on May 7, runners were proceeding around a curve on Dover Rd. when a car, coming from behind, attempt­ed to pass a fire tr­uck which was positi­oned at the end of the race. A pickup tr­uck was proceeding slowly past the runne­rs in the opposite direction, and the car struck it head on. The car lost control­, came very close to hitting one of the runners, then struck the pickup truck. The collision occurred just before 10 a.m.

The driver of the pi­ckup truck sustained injuries and was tr­ansported to hospital by EHS. None of the runners was injure­d. The driver of the car is a 17-year-old male youth from New Harbour, Guysborou­gh County. He was ar­rested at the scene for Impaired Driving and was transported to Guysborough Dist­rict RCMP for a brea­th test. His blood alcohol content was found to be over the legal limit and the he is facing charges of Impaired Driving and Driving with a Blood Alcohol Content over 80 mg% Causing Bodily Harm. He was also served Summary Offence Tickets fo­r Passing in the Face of Oncoming Traffic and Newly Licenced Driver Operating Mo­tor Vehicle with Alc­ohol in Blood. Furth­er charges may be pe­nding.

His vehicle was seiz­ed and he was releas­ed from custody later that day. The inve­stigation is ongoing.


Source: Media Release

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