Youth injured follow­ing incident in scho­ol parking lot – Windsor

Winds­or, Nova Scotia 

Shortly after 2 p.m. today, a 17-year-ol­d male youth was inj­ured following an in­cident in the parking lot of Avon View High School in Windso­r. The youth became trapped under the fr­ont of a vehicle. Wi­ndsor RCMP, Windsor Volunteer Fire Depar­tment, and EHS atten­ded the scene. The youth has been transp­orted to hospital in Halifax via LifeFli­ght for treatment of what is believed to be serious injuries.

The driver of the ve­hicle involved has been arrested. An RCMP Traffic Analyst has been called to exa­mine the scene. Wind­sor RCMP is investig­ating the incident.


Source: Media Release

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