YouTubers + Kutiman = Killer Mashups!

I am a big fan of good mashups and remixes, and I have seen some really good video mashups of popular songs by some great VJs and DJs. But this effort by Kutiman takes the art to another level!! (Hat tip to @johnsgunn for the link)

Kutiman created an online album with 7 tracks that he compiled entirely by mixing various bits of videos that he found on YouTube. You know those clips with a girl singing into her hairbrush infront of a grainy camera? Or that guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to guitars? Kutiman took these various unrelated clips and made them into something that can only be appreciated by playing the video below, or visiting the project website at

Go to to watch other great clips of unwitting collaborators (including a great one called “The Mother of All Funk Chords). When one video finishes, stay on and the next one will play automatically.

This is yet another example of how great Art can come about when creative people create content and share it freely with others. The digital century is here, and it seems the new frontier for artistic innovation is inevitably tied to social media. This generation’s cultural footprint will be pressed on cyberspace.

While we are talking mashups, here is a great video mashup (using more mainstream tracks)  from one of my favourite YouTube subscriptions: VjBrewskii. This one pits Michael Jackson and Pussycat Dolls.

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