Yucky Tummy

I’m not feeling so hot today so I came home from work. Tummy has been acting up for 2 days now.  Not a fun start to the week.   I really hate missing work, I feel like I should be there unless I’m in the hospital or something.  But it’s good that I took the day.

In an effort to be a little productive I:

  • Updated my Team Myles blog with a post on Never Giving Up.
  • Revamped my Blogroll so it’s not so crazy. There are tons of blogs I read so I’ve made a separate page that lists everyone.  If I’ve missed your blog, please let me know.  This page is also available by clicking “Links” on the main menu at the top of the blog.
  • Made rolls.  The dough only takes a few minutes to prepare.  Now the house smells divine. Yes, I make them in a muffin tray. Always have, always will. And yes, that is dill & chive havarti melted on top.



I’m going to attempt to sleep now. 

Dingle Tower Repairs Complete


Photopool: From the Citadel to the Commons