Yves Rocher Apple Delight

Another LE holiday scent from Yves Rocher this year is Apple Delight. I only received 2 products from the line so those are what I am going to review but feel free to check out others if you spot them in store.

I am not too big of a fan of fruity scents but most apple fragrances are easy to like, in my opinion. It is fresh and reminds people of Fall, hence the cozy warm feelings.

Yves Rocher Apple Delight still offers the freshness of apple but warmed up by vanilla notes. As mentioned in my review of Spicy Vanilla yesterday, I can take vanilla scents when they are spiced up with some other non-sweet notes. Apple Delight is the other way around when vanilla is the accent, and I don’t mind it either.

The scented candle takes the subtle route in terms of scent, mostly due to its size.

I can only detect the notes when I come really close to the candle. The punch does not improve much when the candle is lit, so save it for small space like the bathroom or bedroom.

The brand claims 20 hours lasting power but I have not used the candle fully to confirm that.

The jar is 2.4oz/ 70g, $9.

The Eau de Toilette bottle is also tiny, great for your purse, and the scent sure is stronger than in the candle.

Like I said above, I actually enjoy the scent. It is mature enough to make me smell good without reminding others of a teenager. I do suggest to give the fragrance some time to “settle” and warm up your senses after the first strong punch as it comes out of the nozzle to avoid being overwhelmed by it.

If you are like me who wear a fragrance to bed (not just for daytime/ going out) to enjoy it fully, this EDT is good for that. It also does not take up much space in the purse so that I can touchup the scent when I am out and about.

I am glad that Yves Rocher picks warm notes for its holiday scents, as we know this side of the country does get cold through the winter months and I would take any warmth I can get. The bottle is 0.67oz/ 20ml, $7.


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