Yves Rocher Botanical Color nails

Yves Rocher has just released the brand new Botanical Color nail polish line with 50 shades – 4 glitters, 6 pearls and 30 creams. The formula is enriched with Elemi resin for shiny and resistant colour, paired with a wider brush.

From the shades I received, I am not surprised by the smooth application and shiny look after, without a top coat. Also appreciate the variety of finishes and some unique shades in the mix.

The first two shades: Pearly Wood (pearl finish, left) has micro silver glitters which give it a subtle duochrome sheen, and Agave Green (cream, right), a dusty green that is quite classic. 

Don’t mind Radiant Beige (from the Gel Effect line) on the pinky finger, I was testing wear time between the 2 formulas, which turned out to be about the same.

Next: Iris (cream) and Sparkling Gold (glitter, layered on accent nail) on the left, Heavenly Blue (cream) with Violet Blue (cream, accent nail) on the right. Beautiful pairings, I have to say and I can’t pick a favorite here.

Lastly, Brown (cream) with Mahogany (cream, accent nail) on the left, lots of red undertone in both shades, and Artemisia Grey (cream) on the right.

I am quite happy with this bunch. They last pass the 2 day mark on me, which is typical, and no troubles with application. I do recommend this line, so pick one or a few shades that call your name 🙂

The bottle is 0.16 oz/ 5ml, reg. $6 (on sale for $3.50 at the moment).

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