Yves Rocher holiday nail polish

I have a few shades from Yves Rocher LE holiday nail polish collection to show you today. More to come next week. Don’t mind the inconsistent nail length here, one nail kept breaking on me and I refused to shorten them all.

I am excited to find out Yves Rocher had jumped on the textured polish wagon, with chunkier glitters in the mix (Pixie Dust style). The first shade is Frosted Green, one and a half coats. One coat would give the sheer look that is more visible under certain lighting.

And the colour can look more mint (left) or more turquoise (right), also depending on the light. The same situation continues with Frosted Blue below, I can’t tell exactly what colour it is 🙂 It is also slightly more sheer than Frosted Green.

The third texture shade in the collection is Frosted Pink Champagne. I am glad it is not a mannequin hand type of colour thanks to the light pink tint. My kind of neutral 🙂

The accent nail is Pearly Charcoal Grey, with the light metallic sheen. Dark and pretty, but nothing out of the ordinary.

With the same finish, Pearly Purple turns out to be a dark cranberry red (not purple), darker than it looks here, great Christmas Eve colour.

Pearly Pink Champagne has the same colour base as Frosted Pink Champagne above, but the finish makes it an accent nail type of colour for me. Don’t think I can wear it as a full mani.

The bottles are 0.16 oz/ 5ml, $3.50 each.


Yves Rocher holiday nail polish