Yves Rocher Summer 2015

Having such good experience with Yves Rocher Summer 2014 makeup collection, I am very much looking forward to this year’s lineup. Let’s get to it!

Catching my eyes first are the Radiant lip crayons.

Embracing the retractable chubby pencil format, Yves Rocher did quite well.

The formula, infused with shea butter, is moisturizing and comfortable to wear. Pigmentation varies among shades though.

The shades I received, from top – bottom: Perfect Light Pink, Soft Coral, Intense Tangerine and Pink Sherbet. A good mix of shades.

Closeup on the tips to show you the colours. Peek below for swatches, as they do appear a bit different swatched.

Perfect Light Pink and Soft Coral go on almost clear with the tiniest hint of colours. They work best as topper to add shine to your liner or lipstick.

Intense Tangerine stays true to its name and Pink Sherbet is a magenta pink, can be wear alone as they are both bold colour with pigmentation.

The lip crayons are paraben free. 6 shades total, 0.08oz/ 2.5g, $13 each (on sale for $7 right now). I can’t really detect a scent with these.

On to the eye products. The Ultra long lasting cream eyeshadows definitely peaked my curiosity, especially when they are supposed to be waterproof.

Here are, from top – bottom: Pearly White, Aqua Blue, Ocean Blue and Anthracite.

The formula, enriched with illuminating Horse Chestnut Bark extract, is to offer comfortable (and long) wear. The claim said 12h, with radiant colours and no creasing.

Stored in tubes, with a pointed doe foot applicator, these are more like liquid to powder eyeshadows.

They go on smooth, show off beautiful colours and feel cool to the touch. However, as soon as I bring in the brush to blend them out, they almost disappear and only leave behind a light tint of their original colours. I cannot figure out a way to wear them alone. It is a shame that they don’t stay this way when blended.

These eyeshadows are convenient to carry around and last about 6 hours as bases, good for days you know you won’t be out too long. They are 0.23oz/ 7ml (or 0.27oz/ 8ml), $20 each (on sale for $10.50).

The waterproof eye pencils fare better on me. Here are Aqua Blue and Ocean Blue.

With a retractable tip, built-in sharpener and Chamomile extract-enriched texture, they are easy to use. Good pigmentation and stay well on the lash line until I remove them, but they do feel a little harder on the eyes than the gel eyeliner pencils I normally use.

Here are the tips when I twist them up a little further than I need. The pointed tips sure wear out with use, so the sharpener comes in handy.

I cannot confirm if these pencils are waterproof as I have not gone in the water with them on, but I can say they will smudge if I run my finger through them.

I love the colours though. Aqua Blue is the perfect inner corner liner shade on me, less harsh than a pure white. And Ocean Blue is that dreamy aqua colour that everybody needs for summer.

The eye pencils are 0.01oz/ 0.3g, $15 each (on sale for $7.95).

For the cheeks, this (LE) bronzing powder is beautiful. Now the name is confusing, as it cannot be a bronzer to any skin tone, but a shimmery blush/ highlight.

The pink tone in this powder is dominant, with a bit of peach undertone that comes through. It goes on sheer and slowly builds up to a beautifully sheen on the cheek. I love it as an eyeshadow too.

The pan is quite wide, houses 0.23oz/ 6.5g of product (about 2/3 of MAC MSFs), retails $9.95. Paraben free.

I will tell you now that the winning line in this summer collection is the blushes, as there is another unique one: the (LE) Healthy Glow Effect blush.

The packaging sure is unique, with the gorgeous colourful flower petals and aqua water print from the bath & body line (review to follow).

The tube is glass to show off that beautiful red liquid inside, a beautiful display piece for sure but when I like it so much, I want to be able to carry it around without worrying about it breaking. Oh the dilemma!

Under the twist open black cap is a roll-on applicator. So the indication is to apply it to the cheek (like you would to the wrist with a roll-on fragrance), then blend it out with your finger, or a blush brush.

The formula is ultra sheer, but in a good way. I can go quite generous with the product without looking overly done. It feel a bit wet but dries once blended and gives you the most natural looking flush on the cheeks.

This blush is 0.33oz/ 10ml, $9.95.

Here are the swatches of the bronzing powder and the Healthy Glow blush in different lighting. Beautiful, aren’t they?

I will totally recommend the two blushes and a Radiant lip crayon in the colour that works for you.

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