Zero Waste Shopping in Dartmouth

A couple of months ago I mentioned that Bulk Barn was rolling out a pilot program in Ontario to allow customers to shop with zero waste.
The idea is you bring your own containers. So I grab two containers and a reusable bag, and I head to the Woodlawn Bulk Barn which just started as the first test store in Nova Scotia, yesterday.

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sure enough, they are.


So you walk into the store and go to the cash, and the clerk weighs your container and puts a tag on it with the weight in my case 150g and 430g.
Then you go into the store and fill your containers with what you want. No need for all the plastic bags, also beneficial if you have a certain container you keep an item in already at home, this way you can buy the perfect amount. They also have their branded reusable containers if you want to jump in for the first time.


So I came home with a puppy full of almonds and container full of rock salt.
Full list of stores and instructions available at
There is no discount for the consumer; this is for shoppers who want to reduce their footprint.

They puppy from IKEA , the Weck jar from Independent Mercantile and the bag is from Simons.

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