Zoom Whitening With Lawen Dentistry + Giveaway

With the amount of tea I consume on a daily basis it shouldn’t come to as a surprise to you blog reader that I am no stranger to teeth whitening products.

I haven’t however (until now), tried Zoom Whitening before, which is a professional line of teeth whitening that is offered by dentist professionals. In the past I’ve used mostly the Crest products, and few Colgate toothpastes (the one in the red box “optic white” is actually pretty good).
As good as the over-the-counter products are nothing compares to having your own custom made trays (super precise application), a professional strength solution, and the guidance of a professional. 
If you’ve whitened your teeth before you know that it’s important to start with SUPER clean teeth, so if you can schedule a professional cleaning prior to whitening this would give you the best results (makes sense right?).

You should also make sure to get a new tooth brush you don’t want any of the old junk messing up your new pearly whites. You might also want to consider a sensitive tooth paste (avoid whitening ones while using the kit) just in case you get a little sensitivity from the bleaching product. This is common and can be expected, but sensitivity ranges in terms of severity.

For more whitening facts make sure to visit the Phillips Zoom website there’s plenty of information under the “Whitening 101” section.

I didn’t realize this, but I guess my teeth we already pretty white (according to the little chart), but my bottom teeth were not as white as the top (which I guess is common because of your bottom lip being so close to them build up can occur). Our goal with the zoom whitening was to get both sets to match each other. 

Speaking of custom trays, while getting my impressions done the woman who was doing them (she was super adorable I wish I could remember her name) was shocked with how small my mouth was! I told her she should tell my mother haha because growing up with me as a teenager she might disagree 🙂 Anyways when she did my impressions she had to use the child size trays (insert embarrassed monkey emoji), and when I came back to pick up my trays she told me that she didn’t think I fully grasped how small my mouth was, so she made me a little mold. She then showed me another grown up mold, and mine completely fit inside it. We had to laugh, I just could believe it! No wonder I had to get braces as a teenager with these baby chompers. 

Okay so jokes aside, are you excited blog reader? Because one of you local lovelies can try out a Zoom Whitening kit for yourself (retail Value $175) with today’s giveaway! 
Head on over to one (or all) of my social media channels (Instagram/twitter @shortpresents, or facebook here ) to find out how to enter! Please do not enter this contest if you are not local to Halifax or do not have access to travel. This whitening kit relies on impressions that must be done in Halifax NS.

Happy Teeth Whitening Blog Reader! 
x Short Presents 

*First photo c/o Matt Corkum Fade to White Photography. All other photos were taken using the Nikon 1 J4.

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