Well, that didn’t take long! Wow. I am absolutely flattered by the generosity of the contributors so far. 24 hours in and you have helped me raise $185 (towards our $750 goal)! Not a bad start, whatsoever.

As we move along and raise more money, we’ll hit certain milestones wherein I’ll reveal information regarding the production. We have already passed our first milestone: $100! Thank you.

As promised, I will now introduce my leading lady: Vanessa Walton Bone.

Currently based out of Halifax, NS, Vanessa is originally from jolly ol’ England, and we all know that’s where the best actors come from.

I wrote the part with her in mind, so to have her on board is a huge step towards realizing my vision. I’ve been slowly made aware of her in the past couple years, catching her in a couple of short films, and then seeing her on stage at Plutonium Playhouse in SPLINTERS, as well as Luna Sea’s production of TOP GIRLS. She’s an absolute grade A talent.

This brings us to our next order of business: the next Milestone! Once we hit $350, I will reveal the synopsis of ROOM SERVICE! I’ll spill the beans and tell you what this damned thing is all about!

So please, keep donating, keep spreading the word! Absolutely every bit helps! Thank you!


Source: http://glenjm.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/100-milestone-reached/

Blacklegged ticks and Lyme disease: be aware!

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