ASSIST ME! – Short Film Fundraiser

The chains are off. No more room for dignity. The time of begging is upon us all…

Ladies and gents, I am officially getting the ball rolling towards Directing my first legitimate short film with a professional cast, professional crew, and professional gear. Profesh’.

As anyone with an inkling of filmmaking knowledge already knows, making movies isn’t cheap, so that’s why I’m calling on YOU GlenJMpire to assist me in funding my Directorial debut, ROOM SERVICE, to be shot in Nova Scotia in September. We’re aiming to raise $750 by September 12th (click here to head straight over to the Indie GoGo website)! But why are you reading when you could be WATCHING A VIDEO…

Sound good? Sound fun? T’is! Please folks, I’m on my digital hands and knees right now, begging for your help to make this film a reality. This money will cover most of our costs, which include gear rentals, hotel rental (that’s our set), catering, wardrobe, and everything in between. Without the funds, we just won’t be able to pull this off.

As we raise more money, we’ll hit certain Milestones wherein I will release fun tidbits of information or media. First up: once we raise $100, I’ll announce who my terrific lead Actress is!


So please, head on over to the Indie GoGo website to contribute to “Glen Matthews’ Directorial Debut, ROOM SERVICE“!


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