12 Dates of Christmas


Back in 2008 Oprah featured a couple from Nova Scotia on her “Favourite Things” show. The couple had taken the idea of the 12 days of Christmas and created the 12 dates of Christmas instead. They wanted to promote spending time with loved ones rather than spending a lot of money on Christmas. Unfortunately, we are not the couple that was featured on Oprah, but we love the idea. In fact, we love it so much we decided to do our own version of the 12 Dates of Christmas.

Out of our list of twelve date ideas we chose eight of our favourites to write about. We both wish we could do all twelve, however due to the craziness of this time of year, and our desire to remain married, we were forced to choose only eight.

Without further ado, here is our list (in random order) of the 12 Dates of Christmas:

1. Relive our first date

2. Put up and decorate our Christmas Tree

3. Make home made Christmas ornaments

4. Play a Christmas board game

5. Bake some Christmas treats

6. Assemble a gingerbread house

7. Have a Christmas movie night

8. Make homemade Christmas gifts

9. Go for a Christmas lights drive

10. Go on a Food Crawl

11. Make a Snow Supper (winter theme)

12. Go see a Christmas show (such as The Nutcracker)

Look for our blog post about reliving our first date on Wednesday, December 2nd, and since it is the most wonderful time of year, our most wonderful giveaway yet is just around the corner. Hopefully this list looks interesting to you. We’re looking forward to lots of fun over the next few weeks and can’t wait to hear about all your favourite Christmas activities, traditions, and memories.

Another Year….

December 1st!