December 1st!

A view over the Halifax Commons. Looks like these folk are walking along the edge of the world………. I’m participating in December Views this month, hosted by Darlene at HippyUrbanGirl and you can too if you want 🙂

My calendars have arrived and I will be packaging and shipping out today! They are not the perfect quality I had hoped for but this was a last minute project and I am pleased that I have them to offer to you! Duffett cats to brighten your wall all year:)

December is here! We had an amazingly sunny and mild November, just some rain these last few days. I read somewhere yesterday that Toronto had the first snow free month in 162 years!

Hope you have a great day. I am going to a Zumba class at Dal with my daughter tonight:) It is the last night that her fave instructor is teaching before heading off to New Zealand . She has been trying to get me to attend for awhile and tonight is it! Rhumba zumba!

12 Dates of Christmas

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