2 and 0

Another “Amazing” smoothie this morning for Breakfast IMG_5770today.  This time I gave the Pomegranate Mango Infusion Amazing Meal

The Mix:


IMG_5775  IMG_5772

*’member when I started straining my own yogurt to make greek IMG_5773yogurt/yogurt cheese, but I felt compelled to save the whey that dripped out of it because it’s too nutritious to throw away?  How perfect is it to add it to smoothies rather than water to thin it out?  It even had the vanilla flavour of the yogurt, so it was a perfect addition to make it whirl around in the blender!

Okay bloggies another home run for Amazing Meal!  So far it’s 2 – 0! Loved it! I really liked the green smoothies I was making a while back, but so far these two AM concoctions have been better!  I drank it on my way to work over a period of about 50 minutes (oh yeah it’s back to school time and commute time has more than doubled!) and I was hungry for a snack at around 11, but I decided to hold off for lunch.

For Lunch I skipped off to Local Joe’s Cafe & Market for their soup of the day.  Today’s soup was Miso!  I’ve had this once before and it was soooo good!  It wasn’t like other Miso soups, it’s more like a lentil & carrot soup:

IMG_5777 IMG_5781

And I had some “Jasmine & Flowers” tea which I was not a fan of at all!  It was like drinking perfume :-/  The soup completely rocked though!  It kept me full all afternoon.

IMG_5778 IMG_5779 

I came home after work and immediately ran upstairs to see my li’l Lu-ster to see how she was doing.  She was asleep on our bed and of course as soon as she sees me she gets all excited and starts honkin’ like a goose because of her kennel cough.  It breaks my heart!  I really hope that this clears up soooon!  I just hate that we have to leave her and go to work while she’s home sick 🙁

Supper was some fresh cod that I bought at the Farmer’s Market in front of the Victoria General hospital on Friday.  It’s been eons since I’ve had cod and I loves cod! (Oh yes, I said “loves”)

I decided to bread it in planko crumbs and some of the Tyee Fish Rub from Epicure:

IMG_5761IMG_5762I have to say, while I don’t “dislike” this Epicure product, I don’t find it to “wow” the fish at all.  I’ve used it three times now and it’s always just “meh” and nothing I couldn’t live without.

I really love cod though.  It’s such a beautiful white fish and has such a mild but distinct delicious fresh flavour to it.


Steamed up some broccoli, green beans sprinkled with a four cheese blend and some whole grain brown rice:



IMG_5768 No dessert because then I went off to meet Farm GirlJaime and Lex for a coffee and a gab session at Starbucks (whoops no pic!)  I sipped on a Venti Refresh Tea (2 bags), 2 pumps of peppermint syrup and a sploosh of honey.  Perfect evening gab session beverage for a crisp first Fall evening!

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