2 Broke Girls: Losing all good will

Maybe 2 Broke Girls just isn’t a show for me, you know? (Although judging by the ratings and other reviews, I’m clearly not the only person saying that.) Last night’s episode was, I think, slightly better than the first two. But it’s still pretty damn bad. Now, before I completely give it up (I said I’d watch five episodes, and watch five episodes I will) I’d like to talk about what it’s getting better at and what it needs to fix.

Things 2 Broke Girls has improved on:

  1. The relationship between Max and Caroline is getting better. Last week I was bothered by how downright mean Max was. There’s a difference between snarky and sarcastic and moody and bitchy. This week, Caroline actually stood up against Max a bit and called her out on being a lousy friend. It made the show a bit more palatable. 
  2. The scene in the bar? That was a welcome break from scenes in either the diner or the apartment. 
  3. We didn’t follow Max to her annoying Nanny job this week – I could easily do without that.
  4. Clothes! Oh, thank god, they got some more clothes. And even acknowledged the fact that Caroline was not wearing waitress-friendly shoes.

Things 2 Broke Girls NEEDS to fix:

  1. Inappropriateness. I like to believe that (almost) anything can be funny if it’s ACTUALLY funny. The joke has to land. But the stereotypes on this show are really unpleasant, not funny, and worst of all was the “shoe her down” joke. Not funny, not cool.
  2. After three weeks, all we get is Max bonding with Caroline’s horse? Yeah, I said the relationship between the two girls has improved, but it’s got a long way to go.
  3. We know that Strokes T-shirt meant something to Max, but the show never let us find out what that was. It could have been character development, but I guess we’ll never know.
  4. Caroline went to a good college, is she really happy just being a waitress? I know they have the cupcake business dream, but she’d save a lot more as, like, an executive assistant or something.  

This show was supposed to be the superior of the two Whitney Cummings shows premiering this fall. Having seen about ten minutes of Whitney, I’d say that’s probably true. And that Ms. Cummings probably should have stuck to stand-up.

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