2011 Or Something Like It

I didn’t really start blogging again, as you may have noticed. I want to though because I like writing and I want to self-identify as a good writer. But I’m not sure even good writers do that.

I feel compelled to put ths year down on paper because it only happened the once and I have a poor memory.

So this year I only attended one funeral and one wedding. The funeral was for my Great Aunt Ethel. She was 85 or something and had completed her mission here on earth. When my grandmother turned 80 two years ago Aunt Ethel wrote “the 80’s are great!” which is about as positive a thing you can say about living in a slowly rotting body that defies your will. I would see Aunt Ethel from time to time at family things and every time she would relay the story of me being her first visitor at the hospital when she had surgery to remove a tumor. I was only a few days old at the time so I guess it left an impression.
My grandher (pictured in the header) lost the last of her biological siblings this year, two sisters within days. She said, ” I’m ready to let them go but I’ll miss them.” Still ¬†makes me teary.

The one wedding was for my sister in laws sister, which is kind of a lose connection but whatever. My friend was the photographer and I helped snap a few photos. I realized I loved it and could do it over again but also realized I hate post processing and the stress of capturing a major life event is too much for my weak constitution.

Other than that very little happened in 2011. I worked too much but I always do. I quit sugar and started again after a month. I didn’t go anywhere interesting or even bother applying for a passport again. I didn’t go to many movies despite intentions to do otherwise, but really, who even goes to the movies anymore?

This year I did go to a lot of concerts and it was GREAT. I plan to keep that trend going. I saw Old Man Luedecke, Arcade Fire, Gord Downie and they Country of Miracles and attended the Halifax Pop Explosion which was crazy and amazing and why didn’t I kniw about it before?? Also discovered lots of new music that almost no one likes because I never have shared a musical taste with another human so why start now?

If I were to honestly look back on 2011 I would say that I’m generally pleased with the direction things are going in but I desperately need some more adventure in my life. I don’t want to be boring anymore.

I had an epiphany when I visited my grandmother this Christmas. She dedcated her whole life to helping other people, raising children, feeding a husband, and at the end of it all she still spends Christmas morning alone and has dinner with people she barely knows because her family have made other plans.

Sounds horrible right? It’s not, it’s just how life worked out that day but the point I took away from it is basically and skeptically, we all end up alone at the end so might as well have an adventure while we can.

I don’t mean that in the everyone hates everyone humans are terrible way that it sounds but I’m choosing to use the idea as an impetus to seek out new experiences this year (and every year).

We’ll see what happens.

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The Art of Fiction

The Art of Fiction

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