2016 Burning Restrictions Beginning

The Department of Natural Resources is alerting all Nova Scotians that burning restrictions will be in force across the province starting Tuesday, March 15 until Oct. 15.

While the restrictions are in place, burning domestic brush and campfires is not permitted any day between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Domestic brush refers to brush on properties of homeowners, woodlot owners, farmers and other non-industrial lands.

After 2 p.m., the burning of domestic brush and campfires may or may not be permitted, depending on conditions. People should check municipal bylaws first because they take precedence over provincial rules. Burning restrictions will be posted daily on the province’s BurnSafe map which shows when and where burning is permitted, by county.

“Before burning, people need to check novascotia.ca/burnsafe to learn when burning brush and campfires is permitted in their county,” said Lloyd Hines, Minister of Natural Resources.

“I encourage Nova Scotians to respect the restrictions in the interest of public safety.”

The burning restrictions help reduce wildfires in the province. Almost all wildfires are started by people. Restricting small, planned fires is an important safety measure.

The burning restriction information on the BurnSafe map is also available, in a recorded message, by calling toll-free, 1-855-564-2876 (B-U-R-N).

The map and phone message are both updated daily at 2 p.m. The map is colour-coded: red means burning is not allowed, yellow means it is allowed after 7 p.m. only, green means conditions are safe enough to allow brush burning on that day, in that county.

The map applies only to the burning of brush on domestic properties. Industrial brush burning still requires a paper permit from a Department of Natural Resources office.

Campfires in proper metal appliances at provincial and private parks are permitted.

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