2018 Medal of Bravery Recipients Honoured

Four heroes were honoured with a Medal of Bravery at a ceremony held today, Dec. 4, at Province House in Halifax.

The Medal of Bravery is awarded each year to people who have risked their life protecting the life or property of others.

“These acts of bravery reflect what we stand for as a province – a place where people look out for one another,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “Those being honoured today chose courage over fear, ignoring the danger to themselves to help fellow citizens. Their bravery is an inspiration and this recognition is well-deserved.”

This year’s recipients are Jules Dufour, Halifax, Kevin Tough, West Pennant, Halifax Regional Municipality, Bruce Knocton, Milford, Hants Co. and Paul Rowe, Chester Basin.

Ms. Dufour and Mr. Tough, unknown to each other, broke down the door of a burning home on Nightingale Drive in Halifax, where they found and rescued a young man who had been asleep downstairs, along with two family pets.

Mr. Knocton, a deputy with Sheriff Services, came upon a head on collision while travelling on highway 102 near exit 13 in Colchester Co, where one vehicle was on fire. He climbed into the burning car and helped the driver, an unconscious woman and remained with her until emergency responders arrived.

Mr. Rowe came to the rescue of a driver whose vehicle had plummeted into the ocean on highway 3 near Gold River, Lunenburg Co. Without hesitation, he entered the water and helped the driver escape from the vehicle. In his efforts to help the driver, Mr. Rowe noticed a car seat in the back. While first responders attended to the driver, Mr. Rowe returned to search the now submerged vehicle and confirmed there were no other occupants.

For more information on medal recipients, or to find out how to nominate a hero, visit http://www.novascotia.ca/bravery .


Source : Media Release

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