2022: The Year of the Garden is worth celebrating

A great opportunity to grow your interest and your skills

(NC) While each spring we celebrate the return of gardening season, this year’s celebrations may be extra special. The Canadian Garden Council and Communities in Bloom are inviting individual gardeners and municipalities to celebrate gardening in Canada.

Whether you are a long-time gardener, or just took up the pastime during the pandemic, the Year of the Garden is a great opportunity to grow your interest and your skills.

Gardens and gardening come with a wide array of benefits. Creating more urban green spaces has long-term sustainability benefits. For example, plants and gardens produce oxygen, sequester carbon, and mitigate the heat island effect in urban areas. Gardening also has individual health benefits for gardeners and broader societal health benefits by creating spaces for us all to enjoy active living.

Gardens and gardening also create important economic benefits, including attracting residents and visitors to communities across the country.

But growing healthy lawns, flowers and vegetables can be challenging. Just as farmers must overcome threats from insects, weeds and diseases to grow safe and healthy food for Canadians, gardeners face similar challenges. Careful planning and management are important to success. When pest challenges threaten your lawn or garden, there are pest control tools available that are safe, effective and specifically designed for homeowners’ use.

Let’s all celebrate The Year of the Garden and the many benefits that gardens bring to our communities.

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