Online “dashboard” launched to track projects approved by city council

The Halifax Regional Municipality is marking the launch of its Strategic Performance Snapshot – a new online dashboard showcasing the municipality’s progress as it delivers on the priorities of Regional Council and the administration.

The Strategic Performance Snapshot provides an online record of the work being done by the municipality to meet the evolving and growing needs of the Halifax region. The consolidated data captures how the organization is performing on its strategic initiatives, helping to guide and prioritize municipal planning and decision making with transparency and accountability to residents.

The new online tool is a ‘snapshot’ in time – based on data that is updated annually. Depending on the type of information, it may be updated on the dashboard after the close of the calendar year (January to December) or the municipality’s fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). The goal is to improve access to information through a centralized dashboard that shows how well the municipality is delivering services.

All the work of the municipality is tied to the Council-approved strategic priorities that are outlined on the dashboard. There are commitments to deliver on specific outcomes and initiatives to achieve each priority in the 2021-25 Strategic Priorities Plan.

Progress is measured by a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) including residents’ satisfaction with services, financial performance and stewardship, employee retention, achieving service standards and completion of project milestones. Some of the key features of the dashboard include year-over-year trends, information about related KPIs, and at-a-glance graphs and charts. Users can also access data on more than 80 municipal projects and initiatives.  

View the municipality’s Strategic Performance Snapshot by clicking here or visit

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