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-30 lbs

A funny thing happens when you establish the “right” mindset to committing to lose weight and it’s kind of ironic.

The entire time it takes you to moan and groan about how hard it is (going to be) and how much you are dreading it and “wish” your mindset was where it needs to be to actually commit is the actual hard part. It’s not apparent until the mindset actually takes root and you realize that the time seems to be flying by as the pounds are dropping and it’s apparent that the hard part is not the actual act of staying on track like you were dreading at all!  I agonized over this for months and months as a new Mom and I cannot quite tell you how great it feels to feel like I finally have it together and getting this deed done already.

I’m running again. RUNNING. And it’s glorious. I’m still much heavier than I was when I was running before and I didn’t think I “could” run at this weight (currently 213.8 lbs), but I’m doing it and I have to say that I don’t think I’m that far off of where I was before. I still have a bit more work to match my old speed (I use the term “speed” very lightly because I’m NOT a fast runner by ANY stretch of the imagination!), but I honestly think that it’s just the extra pounds holding me back and as they continue to shed, I feel like conditioning myself at this stage as I return to my goal weight will only make me a better runner when I get there. It’s like running with a weighted vest and getting to run the race without one.

10-15 pounds ago it was too much impact for my knees to handle (I’ve had knee surgery in the past for an ACL/Meniscus repair), but I’m happy that I’m back to a place where I can run again.  I’ve decided to sign up for a few races – nothing big or nothing to get me into a tizzy over, just something to keep moving toward.  Something to push me through my runs and some finish line to picture in my head, ya know?

I’m totally digging Katy Perry “Firework” as my “power song” and I love it.

What is your favourite running songs? What is your “power song” for running or working out?


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