32 Sites for Watching TV in Canada for Free

We all have our favorite TV Shows right? I know I have mine. But let’s get real here who really likes to pay the cost of cable these days especially when there are so many alternatives. Trust me you can cut the cable and not miss your favorite show.Many of our favorite shows are broadcast online. This week I am going to show you how you can watch TV for free here in Canada.

First of all there is no catch and it is 100% legal to watch and access these shows, and it is rather easy to do.You can literally sit at home laptop open and stream tv, or you can even connect to your television set with a few simple tricks.

So why watch TV online?

  • You can watch an entire season of a show in one sitting if you wished.
  • You choose when to watch, you aren’t glued to their timetable.
  • Less commericals..30 seconds vs 2 minutes so you save some time.

What are some issues to watch for:

  • Bandwith, constant streaming can put a tax on your caps if you are with a provider who caps your internet usage. I hope by now you are not.
  • Shows are sometimes hard to find, but with this list that will about to become a non issue.

So where to watch:

First the Big Networks all have an extensive listing of their best shows and even some special events and movies:

  • CBC (Home of Dragon’s Den, Hockey Night in Canada and more)
  • City-Tv (Home of The Bachelor, Cityline, Hell’s Kitchen and more)
  • CTV (Home of Conan, Desperate housewives, The Amazing Race and more)
  • Global (Home of Glee, Survivor, Big Brother and more)

For Kid friendly viewing:

  • Family( Home of Phineas and Ferb, Good Luck Charlie, and Jonas and more)
  • Teletoon(Home of Transformers, Stoked, Adventures of Finn & Jake and more)
  • Treehouse(Home of Angelina Ballerina, Dora the Explorer, and more)
  • YTV (Home of iCarly, House of Anubis, and more)

For the News Watcher:

  • Al Jazeera (Home of Newshour, The Stream and more orginating¬† from Middle East but streams live global news)
  • Bloomberg News ( Live stream news from Asia, Europe and the USA)
  • BNN (very extensive library of news and shows relating to business)
  • CTV News (Home of Question Period, W5, and more)
  • Global News (local, national,and global news)

For the Music Lover

  • Much Music ( Home of Degrassi, Punk’d, Concerts and more)
  • CMT (ER Vets, Pet Heros, Concerts)
  • MuchMoreMusic (First Spin, The Week That Was and more)
  • MTV (Jersey Shores, The Hills, and more)

For the Cook and Home Improvement Person

  • Food Network (Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Off, Everyday Exotic and more)
  • HGTV (Property Virgins, Holmes on Holmes and more)

Other Speciality channels include

  • A&E (Hoarders, Intervention, Storage Wars and more)
  • APTN (Blackstone, Fit First and more)
  • Bravo (Holywood Treasure, The O’Regan Files and more)
  • Discovery Channel (Cash Cab, How It’s Made, Daily Planet and more)
  • History (Pawn Stars, Top Shot and more)
  • OLN (Mantracker, Ghost Hunters and more)
  • Showcase (Weeds, Lost Girl and more)
  • Slice (Til Debt Do Us Part, Princess, The Mom Show and more)
  • Space (Torchwood, Doctor Who and more)
  • Spike (Auction Hunters, Entourage and more)
  • The Comedy Network (The Colbert Report, Comedy Now, and more)
  • TVtropolis (Wipeout Canada, Carlawood and more)
  • W Network (Love It or List It, Property Brothers and more)

Later this week I will share how to actually watch these on your TV, all it takes is a few tricks. So now what is your favorite show and have you watched it streamed?



Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2011/08/21/34-sites-to-watch-tv-in-canada-for-free/

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