Are you a Blog Conference Newbie? 6 Tips To Help You Out

I am just getting ready to attend 3 blog conferences. One is by invite only, She’s Connected, Blissdom Canada and then Word Camp. So how should a newbie get ready for a conference?

First of all I remember the nerves I had last year. Last year I got invited to attend She’s Connected and attended the final party for Blissdom Canada. So how does a newbie get ready for an event where there are hundreds of bloggers and brands that you want to connect with? Here are some suggestions.

1. Breathe! It is so easy to get excited and paniced at the same time. So take some time to simply breathe and enjoy the getting ready and the day of as well. Remember most of us have nerves going on, you are not alone. Even big name bloggers have nerves, trust me on this one.

2. Business Cards Bring more then you need. Last year I didn’t bring any. What a mistake that was. You need them. As you meet and greet they are a great calling card. As well in expo areas biz cards are often how u enter giveaways etc.

3. Clothing Some bloggers think you need to dress to impress at all times but really now who can remember who wore what last year unless they look at pictures? My suggestion, be comfy but be looking good at the same time. Suggestions: jeans and nice top, maxi dress, skirt, and top yourself most of all.

4. Devices Bring them and do not forget your power cords, as trust me you will need to recharge these.

5. Shoes Think comfort first. For a party or two you might want a pair of heels but trust me you want shoes you can walk in.

6. A Bag There is always swag (gifts) at these events so bring an extra bag or room in your suitcase. Lat year as I left She’s Connected I was carry 3 bags.

If you are attending any of these evnts this fall, I would love to meet you so if you see me please do say hello.


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