4 Ways to Make Sure You Never Pay Full Price Again

  I have always been a money saving common cents kind of mom. I think paying full price for something is just plain wasteful in today’s economy. Fact is you simply can get what you want at a better price point you simply need to know what to do.

I have some simple rules that assist me and just maybe if you follow the rules you can save too. Wouldn’t money left over to do something else with sound good?

So what are my magical rules?

1. Price Compare and Shop Sales. Make sure you are simply doing this first rule and you will save. Always double check pricing and in today’s world this is so easy to do. Want that super cool new gadget you saw in the store window. Compare the prices online. Make sure you are getting the best price you can.

2. Use Coupons and Codes. Do you use coupons? When you have found that great product at an online store have you checked to see if there is a code you can use? You could be doing both. I recently wrote about using coupons in Canada and you can read where to find coupons here. When looking for a code do an online search for the store, the item and the word code.

3. Use Bonus Cards and Club Memberships  I love Air Miles and Shopper’s Optimum here in Canada. By using these cards I have saved so much and have gotten some great perks over the years. I save my points till November each year and then I cash them in. Each year so far I have earned about $400 in good and services, and guess what because I used coupons, codes and shopped the sales I saved even more.

4. Send in those Rebates. Have you ever sent in for a rebate? If a rebate is offered on a good take advantage. It might be just a few dollars but they do add up. I know I would want that $5 for something I want instead of leaving it for the company.

Can you think of other rules that you follow to guarantee you never pay full price? If you can please share them with me.

Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2011/06/09/4-ways-to-make-sure-you-never-pay-full-price-again/

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