5 Creative Ways You Can Add Text On Photos

An image with beautiful, colorful text designed over it catches people’s attention more than a regular photo. By adding text to a photo you can change its story and get your message across.

This could be for an ad campaign for your business, an attractive poster for your school project, or maybe you just think you can make a funny meme. Nevertheless, there is a lot you can do by adding text to images.

You need to pick an app that has the right tools, an easy format, and a variety of design choices. Adding text on photo with an app for PC is better and more efficient to do than mobile.

So here are ways you can add text to an image:

Add Contrast to Your Text

Adding Contrast to your text can make it readable and shine brightly. This means that the text needs to be large enough to read and have varying colors so it doesn’t seem invisible.

You can make your text whatever color you want, but you need to take into account what type of emotion you want to convey. For instance, red is used to convey passion and love, blue for serenity, and green for peace.

White or other light colors look better on dark backgrounds, while dark colors look stylish on light backgrounds. You can also be creative and use contrasting colors that pop out.

Overlay the Text

A simple overlay on a poster or flyer can look stunning if done right. There are some great ways to overlay text in an image:

  • Have a clear contrast between the text and the background image
  • Blur the background design
  • Optimize the Saturations of the background photo

You can have a similar effect by using 3-D Text. It can be very eye-catching and stands out.

Stylish Fonts

Another great way to make your text stick out is by using different but compatible fonts for the text. You can try to shorten some words and position them in creative ways or you could even do hand-written texts. There are many styles to choose from, putting your goal in mind, you can do anything.

Blur the Background

Blurring the background image is a great way to throw more attention towards the message written in the text. You should use a blurred background if you have a strong message to convey and want to add an image to complement it. It can bring focus to the overall concept.

Make Use of Effects

Text effects that make your text glow or add extra flavor to it can be complicated if you don’t use a photo and text editor. When used properly, these changes can effectively improve the look of your project. It is best not to use too many effects that can make your image look unpleasant or overkill.


There are hundreds of ways you can add text to a photo, the only limit is your imagination. By using the right tools you can make any poster, brochure, flyer, menu, event card, etc. into something impactful.

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