771 drivers charged during month of April

During the month of April, Halifax District RCMP and Southeast Traffic Services issued 771 summary offence tickets to motorists:

– Speeding – 332 drivers received tickets for driving over the speed limit.

– Cell phone use – 9 drivers received tickets for using their cell phone while driving.

– Seatbelts – 56 drivers or passengers received tickets for not wearing their seatbelt.

– Unlicensed/suspended and revoked drivers – 51 drivers were charged for driving without a valid driver’s license.

– Other Motor Vehicle Act charges – 182 drivers were charged with numerous offences under the Motor Vehicle Act.

– Aggressive driving – 101 drivers received a ticket for these offences which include following too closely, fail to yield to pedestrian, careless driving and failing to move over, racing, passing school bus exhibiting flashing red lights, and traffic signs.

– Other Provincial Statute charges – 40 drivers or passengers received a ticket for these offences.

“It only takes a few seconds of inattention then it’s too late,” says Cpl. Scott MacRae, South East Traffic Services. “A vehicle can travel a long way in a short period of time and those few seconds can make the difference in avoiding a collision.”

‎Halifax District RCMP and Southeast Traffic Services officers continue to educate motorists on the Motor Vehicle Act while conducting enforcement initiatives and ask that people be accountable for their actions while driving.


Source: Media Release

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