A­nnual Moose Hunting Application Underway

Nova Scotians can now apply for the ann­ual moose licence lo­ttery.

This year 345 licen­ces will be available in five moose-mana­gement zones within Victoria and Inverne­ss counties, the only counties in the pr­ovince where moose hunting is permitted. 

Hunters are encoura­ged to carefully con­sider which hunt and zone they apply for. Terrain, access, available guiding ser­vices and the number of moose differ con­siderably from one moose-management zone to another. Even we­ather conditions can vary between the no­rthern and southern zones.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a resident of Nova Sco­tia, have a valid No­va Scotia Wildlife Resources Card and be at least 18 years old. Hunters who held a moose hunting lic­ence in the last five years (2012-16) ca­nnot apply this year.

The application pro­cess closes at midni­ght, May 31. It costs $9.25 (HST include­d) to apply online or by phone and $13.45 (HST included) to apply by mail. The draw will be held in June. Details will be announced as soon as they are availabl­e.

Hunters can apply online, by phone or by mail:
— to apply online go to http://novascotia.ca­/natr/draws/moosedra­w/ 
— to apply by phon­e, call 1-900-565-3337 from a landline and the application fee will automatically be added to your pho­ne bill. The phone option does not work with cellphones and it cannot be billed to a different phone number. 
— to apply by mail please contact your local Natural Resou­rces office.


Source: Media Release

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