Seatbelts save lives – RCMP


Recently, Traffic Analysts with Nova Scotia RCMP have reported that when they arrive at collision scenes, they are seeing evidence that occupants of vehicles chose not to wear their seatbelts. It’s a simple thing we can all do when heading out in a vehicle, and often prevents tragedy.

“Vehicles are specially engineered to keep the occupants safe,” says Sgt. Chris Romanchych, manager of Nova Scotia RCMP’s Collision Analyst and Reconstruction Services. “When you wear your seatbelt, you dramatically increase your chances of staying inside the vehicle during a crash and being the person who walks away without a scratch.”

In 2016, Nova Scotia RCMP issued 1,996 tickets for drivers who weren’t wearing seatbelts. From January 1 to March 31 of 2017, 488 tickets were issued. The fine for not wearing your seatbelt is $180.00 and two points on your licence.

Did you know?
• A driver can be fined if passengers under the age of 16 are not wearing proper seatbelts.
• A passenger who holds a valid Nova Scotia Driver’s Licence can be fined and accumulate points on their licence if they are not wearing their seat belt.

Here are five reasons why you should buckle up:
1.One of the four factors that is often identified as a cause of serious and fatal injuries during collisions on Nova Scotia highways is lack of seatbelt use.
2.If your car has airbags, they are meant to work with your seatbelt, not instead of your seatbelt. During a collision, if an airbag deploys and strikes a passenger who isn’t wearing a seatbelt, the chances of being seriously injured or killed are higher than if the passenger had been wearing a seat belt.
3.All types of passengers can wear seatbelts – this includes children and expectant mothers. Visit to find some great tips to properly buckle everyone in safely.
4.Your lap and shoulder belt is designed to be secured across your rib cage and pelvis in order to be most effective.
5.If you can’t make the belt fit you properly in your vehicle, talk to your vehicle’s dealer to find out about adjustments that can be made to ensure proper fit.

Take a look at the attached photo showing the impact to a windshield from a person’s head when it struck the windshield of a vehicle during a collision. As you can see, it caused significant injury to that person, and could have been prevented had they been wearing a seatbelt.

Nova Scotia RCMP wants to remind everyone to take this quick and easy precaution before heading out on our roads.


Source: Media Release

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