A gift idea for the person who has everything.

It’s been a while since I’ve shown you a Dutch window display.  But I’ve found another one worthy of the blog.  Now, I know I usually I stick to hideously dressed mannequins, but on Thursday night the window of this kitchen shop caught my eye:

Grinders. Lots of them.

Meat grinders from the Czech Republic.  Dozens of them.  Ranging in price from €40 – €100.

I’m compiling a list of questions for this shop.  Please feel free to contribute:

1- Was there a fire at the Czech meat grinder-making factory?

2- Do you really need so many grinders and in such variety?

3- How many of these do you really sell in a year anyway?

4- Is the economy so bad that I should seriously consider grinding my own meat?

5- Is the price of ground beef expected to skyrocket to over a hundred dollars a barrel? Because I’ll have to call my broker.

6- Has your purchaser been sacked or is he now sizzling gently on the top rack of the barbecue as the buns toast beside him?

7- I’ve noticed that there are few stray animals or homeless people on the streets of Den Haag… um… sorry, that wasn’t a question.

8- I have a flock of pigeons roosting at the end of my deck.  Sometimes they copulate next to my potted strawberries.  Can I get a meat grinder in blue to match my decor?

Burger press.

The next wedding I go to, the lucky couple is SO getting this hamburger press.

Historical fiction – what’s the appeal?


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