On the hunt for the elusive customer service.

I’m looking for a digital piano and having a really tough time deciding what I want.  There is a fairly decent selection out there but  I just can’t seem to make up my mind.   I think it’s because I’m a careful shopper, willing to wait for perfect product, lest I spend the next 5 years suffering from buyer’s remorse.  Adam thinks it’s because I’m stubborn.

There is a huge music store just across and down the street from where I live.  It has a decent selection of digital pianos from Casios to Korgs.  The prices are good.  In fact there’s a sale on right now.  So what’s stopping me?  Well, I’ve gone into that store a few times now. And what I found is that the service is absolute shite.  Every time I ask a question I’m guaranteed a blank stare.  And perhaps a bit of drool.  Or worse, they not only don’t know the answer, but they also give me a slightly holier-than-thou “I’m a starving musician and you’re a mere customer” attitude that makes me want to slap their sanct-harmonious faces.  So I can’t bring myself to give them my money.  Tell me, is that so wrong?

People here say that there is a different customer service culture in Holland than there is in Canada.  But come on.  I’m not asking them to jump on me like some crazed Gap employee trying to up-sell me to with a “cute tee”.   I’m not asking them to greet me with an over-happy “Hi-how-are-you-today-just-to-let-you-know-everything-with-a-red-dot-is-25%-off-and-if-you-buy-two-you-get-another-one-free-unless-of-course-the-other-item-has-a-yellow-dot-in-which-case-it’s-half-price-and-you-get-another-10%-off-the-second-red-dot-item-can-I-get-a-changing-room-started-for-ya-how’s-that-size-for-ya-just-let-me-know-if-you-need-anything-else-sorry-to-chase-you-out-of-the-store-but-thanks-for-coming-come-again-ok-have-a-great-day-buh-bye”.   I just want an employee who doesn’t resent me for asking a question.  Or perhaps one that actually knows the answer when I finally peel them away from the computer screen and Charlie the Unicorn.  Adam says I hold a grudge, but I say surely, SURELY there’s something in between.

I’m going out to Rotterdam tomorrow to check out another music store.  Wish me luck.

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