A Monday Night Massacre

Sometimes I feel like I am the world’s biggest cheerleader (figuratively, OK) for movie nights in Halifax. I can’t help it. There’s nothing like getting together with a group of awesome people, be it at a theatre, in a bar, or someone’s living room, and watching a movie together. You don’t get that communal feeling at regular screenings–it’s more likely that you’re willing loud folks’ heads to explore, Scanners style.

One of my favourite local movie nights starts up again tonight… Monday Night Massacre! It is fantastic for serveral reasons:

1) They play horror/cult/exploitation/and b-movies.
2) There is fun trivia and neat prizes.
3) It’s free.
4) It’s in a bar, so you can have one of Gus’ famous tiny drafts while watching the film.

Starting off the year right is Slumber Party Massacre 2. It looks pretty terrible and gross… and yet… hilarious. It’ll be a good time, I swear.

The screening starts at 10:00 PM. If you come early you can catch some of the weekly comedy night that also happens at Gus’. Not too shabby for a Monday night!


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