A new restaurant – A new cuisine

Boneheads BBQ brings some of the spicy south to Halifax. Laura Parlee talks to the proud owner. Cindy Wheatley is opening a new restaurant on Barrington Street. Boneheads BBQ will serve authentic souther comfort food – Barbeque. Wheatley was a restaurant manager in Truro for eight and a half years before moving back to Halifax to start Boneheads.

The restaurant will be located at 1014 Barrington St., right before it turns into Inglis.

Haligonians are already buzzing about Boneheads. On halifaxlocals.com, there are 3 pages of comments about the new spot, and none are negative. "I’ve been waiting my entire life for this kind of restaurant to open around here," said one ‘local.’

Wheatley is excited about the feedback, but there are challenges to trying something new. She says getting the special cuts of meat and the right wood for smoking it is difficult. But it’s worth it to bring some southern flare to Halifax.

She’s hoping the Boneheads will be ready for business in two weeks.

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