Am I getting old? Is it just me?

AllyG: Ok. I realize I am now a 31 year old mother whose uniform on mat leave is sweatpants and plastic headbands, but seriously?


I’m all about bo-ho and teeny meeny items. Proof exists here:


(Yes, I heart that outfit AND Kate Moss)

I just can’t get down with the current length of mini-dresses. The other day while driving down Barrington Street, I saw a woman who looked to be of the reasonable sort wearing the tiniest dress imaginable. Now, mind you, she was wearing tights and paired the dress with the most adorable pair of ankle boots, but it had me wondering, “how short is too short?” (do I sound like Carrie Bradshaw there? Hope so!). I’m used to seeing micro on TV…

Source (actually, that blog has fantastic info on Serena’s fashion on Gossip Girl…check it out)

Serena, seen here in a LaRok Metal Fringe Halter Dress, continually crosses the line on Gossip Girl.


Seriously, you are veering into girly bit territory here. Is this acceptable? Am I turning into my mother? Like, how is she going to get out of a car?


Remember when Britney was friends with Paris? That, my friends, is what triggered the downward spiral. Look at them! Paris is proudly presenting Brit’s girly-bits. And look! Look! Britney is effing wearing leopard print! AND WHITE SHOES WITH LEOPARD PRINT!

Back to mini-dresses. Rouland Mouret is launching a line of mini-dresses just in time for the office Christmas party where you act like a tart and blame it on the sauce the next day. According to Elle UK, “The designer, famed for his now legendary Galaxy dress, has designed a range called ‘Rainbow’ under his RM by Roland Mouret label. The collection, which will only be available on Net-A-Porter, is made up of six mini-dresses and one mini-skirt, all in eye-popping colours.” provides a sneak peek…

Love the purple, hate the puffy dress in the middle, fell asleep looking at the dress on the right.

Ladies? Weigh in please!


Photo credit: CoffeeGeek from Flickr

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