A Night Out at Nuite Blanche

What a night out, last night was. I decided to go explore the city, because it was that one night of the year when my frugal self and my art loving self can collide. I absolutely love Nuite Blanche. I love getting out and enjoying the sights, the people and of course the art.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche My night began here grabbing a map and program a little early..I had to plan it, right. It was a cool, blustery eve so wanted to make the most of the night so of course this mom dressed right.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche Loved the paparazzi bots, here it is doing its thing. I even had my picture taken, the bot looks for a smile I have been told.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche

Slip stream at the Eaton Center was beautiful at twilight. the mall was already cazy packed and it was still early in the night.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche Cardiac combustion on Queen Street was a pleasant find, I sat there and simply listened and watched.

Headed over to Nathan Phillip square for the Flight Path and Flight school but even early in the evening there was a huge line. So moved on.

Headed down to the Free Shop, this was the only place I stood in line. I waited ever so patiently to meet the artist Basil Alzeri.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche

Why is it that we have so much attachment to our stuff? After waiting and actually choosing something I wanted from his store of all his life’s possessions, I chose a beautiful pink Sari that he had handpicked in the Indian market in the UAE. How cool is that? So now I own a beautiful pink Sari. As I left the installation I bumped into two of Basil’s friends who explained how he had literally brought all of his worldly possessions from his apartment, minus his bed, laptop and camera. I wonder what he was left with this morning.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche After leaving the free shop it was time get something hot, so headed to Starbucks where I found the manager setting up the most romantic scene. A couple who had met at that very location were about to arrive..who knew even Starbucks have a great heart and you can reserve that romantic corner? So you know I am a romantic at heart so had to wait while I sipped my pumpkin spice latte ( my treat for the night).

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche And of course there was a happy beginning, she said yes. I wish the couple all the best.

After watching that time to get back to the art.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche

The Bone Dump was just that..a pile of porcelin bones.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche The Barricades got me thinking and interacting just a little..how often do we ourselves put up our own barricades?

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche 0

I just know something good is going to happen really did look like a movie set but I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get wet so decided to watch instead.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche 1Loved the animated video installation at the ING Direct building, stood and watched a few loops.

A Night Out at Nuite Blanche 2
My final stop for the night was Egerton Falls on the Ryerson University campus, a peaceful way to end the night when I found out I won a dinner cruise from WagJag for participating in their twarty. So who wants to go on another adventure with me as I cruise the harbor?

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