mur*mur appliance decals

Have your appliances seen better days? Are these eyesores ruining your décor?

Now, even your refrigerator or dishwasher can now become a design statement, with Mur Mur appliance decals, which just hit Rona’s shelves ( within the last few weeks.

These easy to apply decals are safe on your appliances — MUR*MUR adds personality to your refrigerator or dishwasher. Gone are the appliances you wish you could hide. And since they’re economical and come in a variety of styles, you can change them up anytime you want to transform the entire room in minutes.

They are only available at RONA, where you’ll find these appliqués in a wide variety of styles and unique patterns, ranging from a field of poppies to a scene of Times Square in New York. They start at about $40 for a dishwasher and $70 for a refrigerator.

Personally, I like a more clean, crisp and sleek design, so if I was decorating with an unlimited budget, I probably wouldn’t make this part of my design. But, if I was attempting a more “artsy” look and feel…these would certainly make a bold design statement.

Regardless, I think this a very smart, fun, and cost efficient way to hide or update older appliances that you don’t like the look of anymore. And I think this product would be very effective for staging purposes to help breathe new life into a kitchen.

Just goes to show…absolutely anything can become a piece of art!

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