A Norwegian Trip to the Movies

Hello world. Long time no talk. I’ve been mostly offline for a few weeks, but no longer! The great Norwegian exodus is finally over and I’ve made the long trek back to fatty food and low prices. Mmmm early death.

I thought I might share a few pictures of one of my (many) trips to the theatre in Norway. Unfortunately, I never got any shots of the screen (due to potential anti-piracy freakouts in a language I don’t understand), but rest assured, it’s a big white rectangle.

The “Prince Theatre” in Trondheim. “Kino” is Norwegian for cinema, though it’s pronounced “shee-no” not “key-no”. I apologize, I promise I won’t try to be educational again.

A theatre lobby, with real, live people!

The dissection of a film projector. Shrek appears to be as shocked as I am.

One of these movies is one of the best this year. No, it’s not Marmaduke.

Even halfway around the world, there’s no escape from the horror.

Disney mural.

More Disney murals.

I thought this was particularly cool. All of the warm snacks are kept in these glass containers, so you can simply figure out what you want and take it up to the cash. Easier, faster lines, and the food didn’t even dry out. Perfect.

Some familiar faces and a couple Norwegian staples. Mmmmm Solo.

If you look carefully, you can see a few Shrek 4 promotions in the background. This theatre had them everywhere. I’m not sure if they actually saw the movie, but no quantity of giant Gingerbread Men could make me watch that again. Okay, maybe three.

Staff Pick – The Lady and the Poet by Maeve Haran

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