A Pampered Life

My week can be described with one little word – superbusy.  Yup, literally no time for blogging at all.  The lack of blogging certainly doesn’t mean that I’ve fallen off track though, not to worry. 🙂

So, seems Saturday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week.  The past few have been fantastic and full of good times, yesterday was no exception.

Holly, Angie and I all met up at our WW’s meeting early in the day.

I was down another 1.0 lbs to 193.2 and very happy because I honestly wasn’t expecting much. This week I didn’t get as much exercise as I would’ve liked and overall felt puffy. I ate 35/35 WAP and 17/18 APs. The body is so strange sometimes but whatever, I’ll take it!

This week’s topic was Strategies for the Upcoming Holidays. What will I eat?  How much will I eat? How often will I eat? Basically planning your way through the holidays to ensure success. 

Our leader posed a question along the lines of  “Are you thankful to be on WW during the holiday season and why?”  My response was a YES.  Staying on track makes me feel so in control and relaxed about it all.  I’m not worried about all the upcoming events where there will be tons of opportunities for unhealthy foods.  All it takes is a bit of planning and if I want to have a few treats over the next few weeks I’ll do just that.   What about you guys, are you fearing the next several weeks of non-stop goodies and drinks?

And of course, she ended the meeting with another great quote –

"Make a true estimate of your own ability, then raise it 10 percent." – Norman Vincent Peale

After the meeting we all headed over to support the Halifax Chicks Bustamove Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.

This is such a great cause, I love knowing that all funds raised will be staying right here in our community.

HPIM1638 HPIM1639

Mmm, we went through the door and were overwhelmed by the smell of yummy pancakes.

HPIM1640 HPIM1642

I managed to snag the “secret code” from @lifeofmytime earlier in the morning and we were able to have some yummy Nova Scotia Maple Syrup. Delish!

HPIM1649 HPIM1648

While we were eating another fellow Hali-area blogger Tammi, came through the door with her family.  Tammi and I have been tweeting all week and I’m excited to go to Zumba class with her and the Halibloggers on Tuesday!

HPIM1650 HPIM1646

And finally getting to the actual “pampered” part of this post ….. Angie’s Pampered Chef party.  I must say, she was quite the hostess; check out this awesome spread of food:

HPIM1653  HPIM1654
HPIM1660 HPIM1663

I somehow managed to miss getting a pic of the yummy cream cheese & salsa dip that I spent the afternoon pigging out on. 😉

Can’t forget the yummy punch either.  SO good, I need to get this recipe.

HPIM1665 HPIM1668

The party was a lot of fun (and a rumour has it, a big success!) It was a basically a group cooking class so that we could all try out the Pampered Chef products the consultant brought with her.

Cute shots of the lovely Lex and Jaime.

HPIM1671 HPIM1672 

Ang looking pretty intently at the chopper….

There were a lot of products to chose from but I already had an idea of what I wanted in mind.  Back in the summer I went to the fall product launch with Angie and Jaime and there was really neat sideless cookie sheet on display.  It`s going to be perfect for my holiday baking!  Also snagged a knife and a scraper (that I was totally sold on when I saw her demonstration LOL.)


Later in the evening Ang & I hit up Nubodys for a MUCH needed sweat session. I pounded it out on the treadmill for 25 mins and then the cross trainer for an 25 mins, plus a few minutes of strength training.   After the gymbo we stopped in to pick up some wine for our night of gabbing! hehe. Thanks again chickie. 

Must say it was a pretty awesome Saturday indeed! 🙂

Just finishing up my coffee now….plans for today include picking up my new car (!!!)  an outdoor run in the beautiful sunshine and then some one on one time with Mr. Stove and Mrs. Oven.

Hope you`re all enjoying your weekend so far.

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