a peek at platform space

A little while ago, I had the good fortune to visit the newly opened Platform Space (www.platformspace.com) in Bedford.

The platform environment offers a professional alternative to a coffee shop and home office and allows you to tap into the collective expertise of the group who are in the same space.
Platform offers private office and boardroom rentals, kitchenette, open concept workspace, the very latest in technology and lots of other valuable services.

But let’s talk about the design and décor, shall we?
This modern space has a nice clean design, while being warm and welcoming at the same time. It’s a simple color scheme made up of green, white, grays and light hardwood floors.

Simple, but very effective.
The bold shade of green is energizing and invigorating. There is a ton of natural light and frosted glass that make this a bright and light space to work.

The office furniture is very functional, but does not lack style. Quite the opposite, in fact. Green and white chairs, desks that mix and match to form various configurations and chic metal privacy screens all hold the great design.

Add in some comfy chairs (complete with cool swivel tabletops attached to the arm of the chair, perfect for holding your laptop), a sleek bar top and stools at the kitchenette, and beautiful light fixtures throughout make this space a winner in my books!

Beautiful job, ladies. Congratulations on the new space!

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Source: http://justalittlerouge.blogspot.com/2012/03/platform-space.html

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