coffee table makeover

Here is a simple makeover project I tackled this week.

Check out this gaudy black shellac kidney-shaped coffee table — straight from the 1970’s, complete with gold trim.

I picked it up for $9.99 at Value Village. What a steal!  Even though it was beat up, I could see the potential.

Here are the steps to this makeover project:
1. thorough clean with a damp cloth, wipe dry

2. place on a large drop cloth, in a well ventilated area (outside is best)

3. sand down the bubbles in the table top until flush with the rest of the table top

4. clean again, with a damp cloth and wipe dry

5. paint with awesome flat black paint left over from another project. (Note: normally, I would recommend priming it first but I used Tremclad rust paint, which sticks to just about anything!)

6. Let dry. Paint second coat of black paint on table top and let dry.

7. Volia – you are done!

In the spirit of upcycling, I gave this old, beat up coffee table a whole new life. It looks fantastic in my living room. It’s amazing to me what a good coat of black paint can do!

And, of course, you’d never find such a hefty, solid, interesting coffee table like this for 10 bucks!

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