A Quick Look into Life Insurance Cost for a Better Understanding

Everyone knows a good life insurance policy can remove a significant part of financial stress when met with any emergency. Still, only a few invest in them because of hesitation about costs. They fear they might choose the wrong policy that doesn’t cover their needs or demands high charges. Both these concerns are valid, but these should not hold you back from taking advantage of a financial product that can be your safety net. If worries about the cost prevent you from taking concrete steps, here are some insights.

The cost of life insurance

Your policy cost may vary based on individual components (such as health and age) and the choice of one of the five main policy types. Canada’s life insurance premiums can quickly add up, depending on your age. A 30-year-old who is healthy and purchasing a 10-year term policy with PolicyMe will pay about $13 for every $100,000 in coverage – but those same rates could be more than ten times higher if that person were 60 years old and smoked! No matter what stage of life you’re at, it pays to know exactly how much protection costs. Hence, comparing life insurance quotes on different grounds is necessary to understand what you have to pay and why. There cannot be any average cost prediction. Let’s dig into pricing from different angles for more clarity.

Term life insurance cost: Age

Your cost will be higher if you buy a policy at an older age because of the risk of death. Even an equally healthy 50-something will pay more for the same policy than a 30-year-old, and that’s the truth. But if you get one at a young age, premiums will increase minimally every year. The price may shoot up if you are above 50. The difference can also be noticeable between the smoker and non-smoker groups. For instance, a non-smoking 25-year-old pays more than USD $26 for a term policy, while the exact policy charges over USD $47 from smokers. There can be a drastic difference in payment once you reach age 40 and above. It can range from USD $42.30 to USD $362.70 for non-smokers. For smokers, premiums can start from USD $118.60- 811.62. These rates cover the age bracket from 40-60 years.

Term life insurance cost: Gender

When you compare policy rates by sex, you will notice men pay nearly 38% more than their female counterparts. The reason for this is the expected longer lifespan of women because of their job and less risky lifestyle choices. These factors impact the cost of your policy even more with growing age. For instance, if a 25-year-old woman applies for coverage ranging from USD $200,000-1 Million, her monthly premium charges can start from USD $14.94- 36.90. For the same policy, a male member may have to spend USD $18.72- 56.70. 

Likewise, the same insurance with similar variables for a 45-year man may be more expensive than his female partner. If he pays USD $42.12-145.80 (depending on the total coverage amount), a woman may have to pay USD $30.06- 102.60. Still, women generally pay less amount than their male counterparts. For people aged 55, buying a policy can be costly. For females, the price bracket may begin from USD $80.82- 309.60 based on the choice of coverage. However, men may have to pay USD $115.02- 452.70.

Term life insurance cost: Policy size & length

You may want to create a strong safety net for your family, but any policy with a good death benefit asks for a higher payment. Because of this reason, you must compare your budget with your ultimate financial goals before choosing anything. Any long-term scheme will come at a higher cost. Suppose you buy USD $100,000 coverage for a 10-year term. Your monthly premium can be around USD $10.62. However, if you go with 20 or 30 years, the charges may be USD $12.60- 18.27, respectively. Similarly, USD $200,000 worth of insurance can cost USD $16.74 for ten years, USD $20.70 for 20 years, and USD $32.04 for 30 years. 

Permanent life insurance cost

As you can understand from the name, permanent life insurance provides lifetime coverage. It’s more expensive than term life insurance, which covers your needs for a limited period. A permanent policy comes with complex investment components. However, this option may be beneficial for those with a high net worth or those with more complex financial situations. 

A few critical things to expect

Generally, insurance companies process claims without delay, but certain situations can lead to delays or denial of payment. Suppose someone bought a policy and died within two years of it. In such a case, the insurer will investigate the matter to establish the claim’s validity. For instance, if you bought a specific policy and mentioned that you don’t participate in adventurous sports and die while skydiving, the claim may become invalidated. Even cases of suicides can also lead to claim rejection if someone commits it in the first two years of buying the policy. Because insurance carriers thoroughly scan the situation, and nominated beneficiaries must wait for their final decision. 

Once your policy has matured by two years, you don’t have to worry about these scenarios. A Canadian insurance firm can only reject your claim for a term or whole life insurance if you default on your premium payments or are involved in fraud. It is a fraud if you are a cancer patient and requests your physician to keep it a secret till you get your life insurance. Hence, it’s best to provide valid information to your insurer so that your heirs can claim money hassle-free. They can get lump-sum or installment amounts at their convenience.

To summarize, life insurance average cost depends on age, health, and other cover-specific components. Whether you smoke or don’t can also affect the price. Someone healthy and young without smoking habits can benefit more in terms of rates. Another critical point is the difference between term and permanent life insurance. Since finding the right policy requires comparing various variables, you can speak to a life insurance expert for guidance. 

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