Why the Cowboy Hats Are Becoming More Popular and What Are Expensive and Cheap Cowboy Hats? 

Most people choose to wear straw cowboy hats during the summer season as they come up with heat ventilation feature. But when the weather becomes colder, people usually choose felt hats. The felt hats are also great for more formal occasions. Even though many people choose cheap cowboy hats, they don’t look as attractive as expensive ones. In addition, cheap cowboy hats are less durable. 

Many people face difficulties while choosing a cowboy hat due to the availability of numerous materials and styles. But how do you know which one will work best for you? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about cowboy hats. 

What Do You Need to Know about the Shape of the Cowboy Hats?

You might’ve noticed countless people with cowboy hats, but why they are preferred by men and women in the first place? This is because the primary feature of the best cowboy hat is to protect the wearer’s eyes from UV rays. Cowboys also needed to protect their eyes and faces from dirt and dust kicked by the cattle. 

The brim of the cowboy hats is designed in such a way that it can cover the neck and forehead of the wearer from the sun’s rays. These north-western hats would prove super useful if you have plans to work outdoors. 

But contrary to the popular belief, cowboy hats aren’t only for working cowboys. You can also wear these hats on different formal and informal occasions. Remember that cowboy hats are available in two styles: felt and straw. Depending on the weather and the appearance you want to achieve, make sure you choose the hats carefully. The cowboy hats will go well with boots, jeans, chaps, vests, and many more. 

The Crucial Factors That Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Purchase 

As mentioned earlier, choosing the perfect cowboy hat is not an easy process. But there are some specific factors you should consider which will help you pick the perfect one as per your appearance: 

  • The comfort level of the hat
  • The protection factor of the hat
  • The overall price 
  • The material such as felt, soft, straw, or rigid 
  • The style factor 

In addition, you also need to understand the occasion you’re attending. This is because cowboy hats won’t be relevant for every occasion. And some specific types of cowboy hats can only be worn during summer or winter. As per Stylishly Me, straw is the best material for hats in summer.

Why Choose the Cowboy Hats in the First Place?

Answering this question is essential for us as many people wonder why they should go for cowboy hats. It’s been said that you cannot pull off the best summer look without pairing your outfits with a cowboy hat. If you want to look super attractive, the straw cowboy hats will be the perfect choice for you. 

The best features of straw cowboy hats are breathability and lightweight. They are the best choice if you have plans to go outdoors during summer. They also reflect the sunlight, keeping your head cool. Therefore, if you’re a working cowboy, straw hats are the ideal choice. 

Apart from the heat protection, the hats will shield your eyes, face, and neck from dust specks, which might irritate your skin. Straw cowboy hats are less expensive and require fewer maintenance efforts than felt cowboy hats. But don’t forget to check the number of X’s while buying straw cowboy hats. The X will determine quality. 

When Should You Start Wearing the Felt Cowboy Hats?

Due to the breathability and lightweight factor, straw cowboy hats are more relevant for hot climates. But if you live in a cold region, felt cowboy hats will be more appropriate. 

If you compare both of these hats together, felt cowboy hats are super durable. While straw cowboy hats will shield you from UV rays, felt cowboy hats will protect you from cold waves. 

But never pair felt cowboy hats with informal outfits. This is because these hats are more accurate at business meetings, weddings, and fancy dinners. 

What Are the Differences between Cheap Cowboy Hats and Expensive Cowboy Hats?

Some people think it’s a waste of money to purchase expensive cowboy hats whereas; others don’t hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars. 

Keep in mind that expensive cowboy hats might seem a costly investment, but they will last years. They are also super comfortable. On the other hand, you can save a few hundred dollars by buying cheap cowboy hats, but they might not last for more than a few months. The expensive cowboy hats also feature more prominent settings. 


This is everything you needed to know about cowboy hats.

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